Free Download: How To Increase Student Enrolment With Outdoor Advertising

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Our education advertising specialists have published a free, comprehensive guide on how outdoor advertising can help schools, colleges and universities boost student enrolment.

The Guide

Free Ebook: Increase Student Enrolment With Outdoor Advertising For Education - 75Media

For raising broad awareness in defined targeted locations, you’re unlikely to find a more effective method of promotion than out of home advertising.

Strategically placed outdoor advertising is ideal for putting your organisation in front of prospective students (and their parents) during critical stages of their research and application processes, and amplifying your key messages.

Capturing the attention of students on their way to school, college, or in the places they frequent the most, is the first step in attracting them to your courses and open days, and driving applications.

Our free guide tells you everything you need to know about how you can capture the attention of aspiring students and increase enrolment figures with outdoor advertising.

What’s Included?

We’ve put together actionable advice on the following topics to help you improve your organisation’s outdoor advertising strategy, create campaigns that reach prospective students and their parents, and drive applications.

  • Where To Rent Outdoor Ad Space
  • When To Advertise
  • When To Book Your Ads
  • Types & Sizes of Billboards Available
  • Billboard Design Tips
  • Writing An Eye-Catching Headline
  • How To Measure Campaign Results
  • Pricing

Download the guide here.

Interested In Outdoor Advertising?

To find out more about how outdoor advertising could help your organisation, or for information on our advertising packages throughout the UK, please call the 75Media team on 0113 357 2111 or contact us via our website.

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