October 2015, London was the date those clever boffins at Google expanded from the cyber world to the real one, their technology is now being used on billboards in some of London’s most high traffic areas.

Google is now testing it automated selling and buying from digital billboard ads using technology from its doubleclick subsidiary.

Ad space was purchased on billboards in Vauxhall, Euston Rd and Waterloo Station – each board displayed a different ad relevant to people passing by in those locations. These adverts were both time and location specific, highly targeted advertising at its very best.

Tim Coller from DoubleClick said, “This test has highlighted a number of areas that are fundamentally different, and which will require further development and integration before this becomes a market reality.”

Google has several challenges to face with these trial ads, notably gathering audience usage data and quantifying the actual impact such as views of clicks etc…

These are only tests at the moment but knowing Google this could be the start of things to come with outdoor advertising, not only can Google reach you via your mobile, laptop or tablet but it can now reach you when you’re out and about – exciting and scary at the some time – watch this space…

Google’s watching. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)