The Top 10 Industries Using Outdoor Roadside Advertising

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In the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, the influence of outdoor roadside advertising continues to stand out, captivating industries and driving substantial investments. 

The latest analysis by outdoor advertising operator 75Media, based on data from Outsmart, sheds light on the intriguing trends and key players dominating this advertising domain.

The data reveals a significant revelation: the entertainment and leisure industry has been the forerunner in leveraging outdoor roadside advertising, surpassing other sectors by a considerable margin. 

Astonishingly, this industry has accounted for nearly 27.2% of the total spend on out-of-home (OOH) advertising in the UK, which is almost two and a half times more than any other sector.

A Breakdown of the Top 10 Industries Utilising Roadside Advertising

The breakdown of the top 10 industries investing in roadside advertising reveals a diverse landscape of marketing strategies. 

Following entertainment and leisure, the drinks industry claims the next significant share, securing 12.1% of the total spend, closely pursued by the food industry at 10.5%. This trend showcases the diverse sectors finding success and prominence in the OOH advertising realm.

Top 10 industries using roadside advertising

The ranking of top spenders in this arena unveils fascinating insights. Over the past year, McDonald’s emerged as the leader, investing a staggering £78 million in roadside advertising. 

However, analysing the expenditure solely in 2023, while McDonald’s remains at the forefront, Unilever UK Ltd and KFC have taken significant positions among the top spenders, indicating a shifting landscape in advertising dynamics.

Joel Turner, Commercial Director at 75Media, highlighted that diverse sectors are increasingly recognising the potential of OOH advertising. 

Diverse Client Sectors: A Snapshot of 75Media’s Industry Collaborations

The observation from their own sales data portrays a broader spectrum, with healthcare, higher education, retail, real estate, and construction industries emerging prominently in their client base.

The marketing and advertising industry are 75Media’s most popular clients, taken from a percentage of their database of customers. While healthcare and higher education make up their top 3 – a stark contrast against the data from Outsmart. 

This would suggest that some emerging industries utilising outdoor roadside advertising opt for smaller, niche brands to advertise with than the largest contenders in the market, due to their unique selling points and flexibility.

OOH Industry Growth

The statistics from Outsmart not only demonstrate the sectoral shift within the top 10 but also underline the continuous growth of the OOH industry. With a 4.7% increase in total revenues for the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, and a remarkable surge in digital roadside screens, the landscape of outdoor advertising is evolving and expanding at an impressive pace.

These numbers affirm the faith that numerous organisations place in outdoor advertising as a potent tool for enhancing brand visibility and driving sales. 

An Evolving Marketing Landscape

The shift towards digital screens and the substantial investments made by diverse industries underpin the adaptability and power of outdoor roadside advertising. 

In essence, the data reflects a dynamic and evolving marketing landscape. As different sectors increasingly recognise the potential of outdoor advertising, it further emphasises the pivotal role this medium plays in shaping brand perception and consumer engagement. 

The data highlights a vibrant and competitive outdoor advertising landscape, shaped by innovation and strategic investments.

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