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Billboards aren’t as expensive as you might think. Pitched against other mainstream media – which offer way less reach, impact and brand-building power – billboard advertising quite simply delivers enormous bang for your buck. And when the bucks start at £16 a day for digital and £22 a day for classic, outdoor advertising suddenly starts to become a very affordable, viable and highly effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

The single most effective USP that billboard advertising has over all other forms of media, is that it reaches audiences AT SCALE. Remember you can’t switch off, swipe past, turn over, block or pause a billboard: they are huge, unmissable and on display 24/7 x 365 – now that’s reach. Recent research also shows that 23% of people are likely to pay attention to billboards whereas streaming ads were considered less effective, with just 11% of people paying attention and social media ads only reaching 18% of viewers.

There are several ways in which you can do this. Some businesses like to include a dedicated phone number, website URL, promotional code or QR code on the advert to track engagement. Other businesses like to use billboard advertising simply to boost awareness of their brand and create talkability in a target market. We can help advise on the best possible way to track your ROI.

The OOH industry is entering a very exciting chapter where technology is playing a key role in providing more detailed and accurate metrics for OOH campaigns. For example, with digital, we are now able to give advertisers the ability to track the impressions they are receiving in real-time, as well as the demographics of viewers who are engaging with the creative. We can then use this data to help clients optimise future campaigns and understand what types of messages and visuals work best.

To help us delve into this data even further, 75Media has recently joined Route who are experts in providing detailed audience analysis for the OOH industry.

Production – including bill-posting – is just £175 for a standard 48-sheet poster. The price also includes any reprints we may need to do because of damage to your poster caused by adverse weather. If you’re running a big classic campaign with us, and using the same artwork across all sites, we’ll always make sure you’ve got the best possible deal on production.

Other than the media space costs – which start at £16 for digital and £22 a day for classic  – there are no other fees: what you are quoted is what you pay. We are upfront about all costs, we make sure you are clear before you commit and we also make sure that if something goes wrong, we will do our very best to fix it without passing the costs on. We pride ourselves in being fair, honest and clear when it comes to our pricing, our customers believe this too as they keep on coming back for more.

We can put you in touch with some brilliant graphic designers if you need design expertise. Additionally, we will always provide advice and recommendations as to what will work best in a billboard design. We have many years of experience in designing great adverts so talk to us about how you can really make an impact. In the meantime, have a read of this blog post for some tips and tricks on creating effective billboard artwork.

As with all forms of effective advertising, keep it simple: less is more. You are trying to sell your goods or services, so don’t confuse the viewer or make it so complicated that no-one understands this. Remember that in most cases, passers-by only have a few seconds to take in your advert so you need to make it punchy, clean and easy to understand. Stay away from using too much copy (text) and remember, no one reads the small print, especially on a billboard! There are a few simple rules that you should try to stick to when thinking about what to say:

  1. Who are you (brand logo/name)
  2. What are you selling or trying to promote
  3. When and where is it happening, or where can they find your business
  4. What is the call-to-action/contact details – website address, ‘phone number, QR code, social follow etc

Simply put, we can offer you the best rates and we believe this offers you the best exposure for your brand, goods or events. In a lot of cases your audience connects with you and your advert after you have been there for some time, we always suggest though that you make changes to your artwork to keep them looking fresh and your audience engaged. Again, we’ll take the time to work this out with you to make sure you get the most cost-effective program, and that your advertising continues to be noticed.

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